90+ Black-Owned Clean Skincare Brands

June 7, 2020 (updated April 2, 2021)

One thing I talk about here a lot on This Organic Girl is choosing to vote with your dollar. If you keep buying Tide, you are creating a demand for Tide. Don’t do that. LOL.

Instead, I talk about creating a demand for clean beauty, for sustainable goods, for non-health-compromising products by choosing to buy sustainable, organic, responsible and clean when you can.

The same goes for creating a demand for black-owned businesses. As The Green Business Network suggests, creating a demand for Black-owned businesses can do several things including; closing the racial wealth gap, strengthen local economies, foster job creation and create visibility and representation in the green economy.

As it stands in 2020, we need more Black-owned representation in the clean beauty space.

This week, I’ve seen lists go up on the internet for Black-owned bookstores, Black-owned business to support, Black-owned clothing labels, Black-owned whisky distilleries, Black-owned restaurants, and more. And as an avid skincare and beauty blogger, I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of Black-owned, clean beauty, skincare brands.

This list is a little bit different because it’s where Black-owned business meets clean skincare. It’s not all Black-owned skincare. It’s not all Black-owned wellness. This is only Black-owned, clean skincare only. These brands are what I would consider to be clean according to my personal standards meaning no phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrance, GSE or hidden 1,4 dioxane to name a few which you can read more about in 12 Hidden Ingredients in Skincare and Makeup.

To compile this list, I looked through This Organic Girl archives as well as Black-owned brand recommendations by Jacq’s, Beauty Independent, Leahlani and Gianne Dohorty—and I was able to put together this list below. It was hard to find full ingredient lists for some brands so please don’t consider this a complete list by any means. Just a place to start.

These brands are listed in alphabetical order. If you know of a Black-owned clean skincare brand that is missing from this list please comment below to add them in.

black image with white letters saying black owned clean beauty skincare brands

1. Aba Love Apothecary – Handcrafted holistic skincare and aromatherapy.

2. Afiya Beauty – A brand centered around wellness and health.

3. Alchemy Body Shop’s body butters and oils.

4. Amenda Beauty – Formulated to be results-driven and effective. This oil looks super chic.

5. Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care – Handcrafted skincare by a clinical herbalist with minimum ingredients for the best results.

6. Angie Watts – Natural, vegan and cruelty-free skin food.

7. Anne’s Apothecary – Clean, sustainable, natural skincare.

8. Ase Naturals – Products that promote self care and mindfulness with natural ingredients.

9. Aseede – A small edit skincare brand formulated with simple, clean ingredients.

10. Bee Happy – Made to order natural skincare products.

11. Bella Laine Naturally – Handcrafted natural skin and hair products.

12. Bibah Skincare – Curated botanical skincare for dry, sensitive skin. (OMG this line is super cute).

13. BLK GRN – All natural marketplace by all Black artisans.

14. Body Be Silk – reality TV star of Mind Your Business on the OWN network, Greta is an indie artistan and bath & body junkie creating clean body care products.

15. Breed Love Beauty Co – Love their options for one-ingredient organic oils.

16. Bri Braggs – Aromatic products. Hello Magnesium Oil!

portrait of Dana Jackson, founder of Beneath Your Mask
Dana Jackson, Beneath Your Mask Founder – pic via Clean Beauty Box

17. Beneath Your Mask – Obsessed with her Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm. Chic. Effective. Smells amazing. So good.

18. Brosily Bath & Body – Nontoxic products that support your skin without harming your health.

19. Clean Rebellion – Transforming everyday castile soap into a premium soap used for your hair, face and body!

20. Champ De Fleurs Skincare – Check out these Caribbean inspired soaps.

21. Chloe + Chad – Vegan beauty products handmade in Brooklyn.

22. Dehiya – Simple, time-honored beauty with ethically sourced, highly-active, native and wild botanical ingredients from all over the world.

23. Demosea – Skincare products with botanical oils ethically and locally sourced delicacies from the deserts, mountains, and seas.

24. De Palma’s Hydrating and Clarifying Face Oil – Works to moisturize and help even skin tone.

25. Dutchess Beauty – Lip oils, scrubs and butters (I want to ask about the flavoring here : )

26. Earth Kissed Beauty – Clean skincare made simple. Blue Tansy body scrub anyone?

27. Elements of Aliel – All about the basic elements that make skincare effective.

28. Ellie Bianca – Extra organic skin oils and bath salts.

29. Eugenia Shea – Sustainable shea butter in uber chic cutest tins.

30. Everly Organics – Atlanta-based CBD infused skincare.

26. Ezàpè Naturals – Balms, butters and oils.

27. Folie Apothecary – Prickly pear face and hair oils (one of my favorite ingredients).

portrait of Tami Blake, founder of Free + True
Tami Blake, Free + True founder – pic via Free + True

31. Forever Wild Organics – A waterless skin, hair and wellness product line made from vegan and medicinal ingredients. Products are meant to treat especially severe hair loss, hyperpigmentation and various internal issues.

32. Free + True – Next-level, air-weight skincare products that get the job done. I am IN LOVE with Body Prophet. You HAVE TO try it.

33. Girl B Natural – Feminine wash and care.

34. GLORYSCENT BEAUTY – A pro-melanin skincare brand created to protect the skin from environmental pollution.

35. Golde Face Masks – Products that look good, taste good, and help you feel like your best self.

36. Hanahana Beauty – Body butters, soap and scrubs but check out their shea balm (so pretty).

37. Harvest Natural Beauty – Plant-powered skincare.

38. Healing Place Apothecary – I have my eyes on their Black Soap Gentle Face Cleanser.

39. Hello Wellness Naturals – A collection of handmade all-natural personal care products. These look beautiful. I did notice one product contains “fragrance” which I would want more info on before recommending. All others look A+!

40. I + I Botanicals – CBD infused clean skincare.

41. INMYHEALS – A luxury natural bath and body brand focused on healing the mind, body & spirit.

42. Inua Skincare – Redefining ethical cosmetics, formulating powerful and effective natural products inspired by African beauty and health traditions.

43. IWI Fresh – Atlanta-based farm-to-skin line. Check out her most popular product; 14 Carrot Glow Balm.

six samples of IYOBA handmade soaps laid out on white surface
IYOBA handmade soaps – pic via IYOBA

44. IYOBA – One look at their artisan soaps and you will freak. STUNNING. Ingredients are not listed online but I chatted with the owner and they look great with a base of olive oil, organic coconut oil, safflower oil, spring water, sodium hydroxide and essential oils.

45. Jacq’s – Skincare for women of color by women of color. Organic. Vegan. Cruelty-free.

46. JD Bath & Co – Luxury bath care made for sensitive skin with the cleanest ingredients.

47. Kaiem – A marketplace sharing products created by African artisans with people all over the world. 

48. Kaike – Because your skin should be celebrated.

49. KNC Lip Masks – One word, ORDERED!

50. Kreyol Essence Haitian Black Castor Oils – Natural and ethical beauty products from Haiti.

portrait of Nnenna Onuba, founder of LLB
Nnenna Onuba, LLB founder – pic via LLB

51. LBB – Innovative products that combine quality, performance and convenience. I am always on the lookout for clean face wipes. I need to try these.

52. Live Like You Green It – Sustainable skincare made from organic & wild harvested ingredients.

53. Lizzie’s All-Natural Products – Creates fresh, natural, toxin-free products for your home and body. Made from simple, plant-based ingredients that nourish your skin and body.

54. Loganne’s Love’s Bar Soaps – The brand was created to make body care products fun by reflecting the beauty of nature. Handcrafted in small batches.

55. Lotus Moon Pumpkin + Seabuckthorn Beauty Oil – Silky and soft beauty oil with 100% organic and vegan ingredients.

56. Loving Culture – USDA certified organic hair and scalp oil.

57. The London Grant Co – Body oils and polishes (and Atlanta-based!)

58. Lovinah – Time honored Ancient African beauty rituals to the modern day woman. 

59. Make It Classy – DIY plant-based hair and skincare.

60. Marla Rene Skincare – Some ingredient lists were missing here but from what I could gather, this line looks clean!

61. Mary Louise Cosmetics – Soaps, hand sanitizers, serums, butters, face masks.

62. Matrescence – Safe skincare for motherhood.

63. Milked – OMG you HAVE TO check out these next-level soaps.

64. My Emollient – Multipurpose body butters packed with vitamins and antioxidants

65. Nolaskinsentials – Handcrafted, clean, crulty free. That Pumpkin Enzyme Mask tho!

66. Okoko Cosmetiques – Featured in this month’s Clean Beauty Box.

67. Only Skin Brand – A 100% organic, one-product brand based out of Atlanta.

68. Organic Bath Co – Decadent butters, soaps and more. Boston founder Gianne Dohorty is also the founder of The WELL SUMMIT.

portrait of Karen Young, founder of OUI THE PEOPLE
Karen Young, founder of OUI THE PEOPLE – pic via OTP

69. OUI THE PEOPLE – I love this beautiful rose gold safety razor engineered in Germany specifically for woman. It’s like a piece of jewelry for my shower and it was featured in my 2020 April Quarterly Faves.

70. Papa Rozier Farms – Real Castor and Moringa oil from scratch, from their family owned farm in Haiti, to your home.

71. Peak + Valley – Herbal supplements and medicinal wellness products.

72. Pholk – Skincare as a Diaspora Folk Beauty Culture where African-derived beauty wisdom is adapted with local ingredients. Soul food for your skin.

73. PiperWai – The original charcoal deodorant.

74. Plain Jane Beauty’s Chia Seed + Cranberry Beauty Oil

75. Pretty Well Beauty – A clean beauty and wellness retailer that features high quality, sustainable and clean products from brands all over the globe.

76. Purgasm Shop – Here to transform your skin. I checked on the fragrance here and it’s: “a blend of essential oils, plant absolutes and a small amount of certified organic fragrance from a company called Nature’s Flavors.”

77. R+R Luxury – Transforming one of nature’s purest and richest gifts – Shea – into the most enriching beauty products.

78. Reciprocitee – Their African Black Bar Soap looks so good and want to check out their bath bombs and shower steamers (ingredients not listed).

79. Redoux – Bottling memories through scent. Soaps and skincare with the prettiest packaging.

80. Roseman’s Remedies – Clean bath bombs and more in compostable packaging!

81. Rosen Skincare – Thoughtful skincare for people with acne-prone skin.

82. Satins Naturals – Deodorants, lotions, balms and more. Products with ingredients listed look clean. Some products do not list ingredients.

83. SDot Beauty – Skin, body, baby, hair, hand, nails. Love the concept of their Day + Night Serum Duo.

84. Shea Radiance Raw Shea Butter – Love that this a one-ingredient unrefined product.

85. Skin Buttr – A tight edit ranging from $12-$25.

86. Son Shine Bath – Another Atlanta brand for the books! (This O’Honey Facial Cleanser is calling my name).

87. Swabu – 100% Plant Based Whole Body and Hair Care Healing based out of Ohio.

88. Temple Zen Skincare – Handmade, high quality for brighter, healthier skin.

89. Terra Tory – No B.S. bar soaps and butters.

90. True Moringa – Boston-based and one of the first lines I ever tried in clean beauty.

91. Unplugged Essentials – Hemp-infused soaks for the body and mind. (These look SO GOOD!)

92. Urembo Asili – African inspired plant-based skincare.

93. Unsun’s Tinted Face Sunscreen – Comes in medium/dark or light/medium.

94. Uthmos – A skin care line that focus on mature skin, sensitive skin, and other unique skin challenges.

95. Wild Seed Botanicals – I didn’t make it past their beautiful bowl and brush set…

What brands are missing here? Comment below!

Xo, lisa

By Lisa Fennessy

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Thank you for doing this for us Lisa..
    Love Wendy

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    Kristina Ahmetaj

    Lovinah Skincare!!!
    Her products are SOOO good. An incredible combination of ancient skincare practices and the latest technology.

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      Added! THANK YOU! They look wonderful.

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    Plenitude Skincare. Really beautiful and gentle products created by a nurse who uses her buisness as a way to support female farmers in Haiti.

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      Awesome – thanks so much for this add! xo, Lisa

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    Deborah Davis

    Hi Lisa,
    Awesome job!! Thank you for compiling this extensive list of black-owned clean, skincare brands. This is is an invaluable resource for woman of color like myself who seek clean, natural and organic skincare.
    I’m sharing this on social media.

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      Hi Deborah! Thanks so much for sharing. It’s honestly MY PLEASURE. I’m so glad it is helpful. xo, Lisa

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    K'Ronn Cranford

    This is an excellent list! Thank you so much for the time that went into this.
    I myself have a Black Owned skin care brand that specializes is CBD infused topicals. I would love to be part of such a distinguished list!
    Find us below:

    Once again, thank you so much!

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      Hi there! Thanks for this add! I would love to see this list grow to 1,000 brands!

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    Hi Lisa, great list and thank you so much for taking the time out to put it together. I would like to add my brand, Farmhouse Organic. We are a luxury boutique wellness company with a proprietary line including personal & hair care products, herbal supplements and wellness products. As part of our exclusivity, we are moving into the space of specializing in ‘Total Body Wellness’ with proprietary, custom, made to order holistic herbal remedies. We are based in Atlanta. http://www.fhorganicss.com https://www.facebook.com/farmhouseorganic

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      Awesome! Thanks for this Toni! ; ) Lisa

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    Valarie Senatus

    Hi Lisa,

    This is incredible! In my buy black efforts in 2020, I discovered Elle Johnson Co. Kindly add them to this list.


    I truly appreciate it!

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      Oh awesome, thank you!!!! xo, Lisa

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    I would love for Urthmos to be added to you list of Black Owned Clean Skincare Brands.
    All of my products have 100% natural organic ingredients base of Traditional Chinese Medicine root plants, Ayurveda herbs, and Amazonian plants and herbs. Our products focuses on mature and sensitive skin. Handmade in the US.
    Our IG is @urthmosbeauti.
    Thank you.

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    Thanks for putting this list together. I would love to add http://www.BrosilyBathandBody.com. Products are really clean and natural.

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      This is great! Will add, thank you!!!

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    Hello Lisa! Thanks a ton for this wonderful list. I love how you’re driving awareness to these incredible brands. If you don’t mind, check out my brand (black-female owned), Clean Rebellion (cleanrebellion.com). We’re an organically-made Castile soap that is versatile—it can be used as a body wash, facial cleanser, hand soap and shampoo. Happy to provide samples if you would like to try the product! All the best!

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