Clean Beauty Subscription Roundup

May 1, 2020

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These are the current offerings for the most popular clean beauty subscriptions and the ones I highly recommend. You can check back here each month on the following dates for the latest. You can also peep the archives to see what you missed!

  • Beauty Heroes always drops on the 1st of the month and the last day to order is the 20th of that same month.
  • Detox Box releases sometime the first week of each month usually the 6th or 7th and is live until it sells out.
  • Clean Beauty Box is teased on the 1st every other month and fully announced by the 5th. Available until it sells out.
  • Boxwalla is available every other month. Subscriptions open around the 1st and close on the 1st of the next month. So for example, sign up starting July 1st for the August 1st box.
  • Petit Vour announces their box on the 5th of each month and it’s available to order through the end of that same month.

You can read more about why I love each of these subscriptions here! Okay here’s the latest…

JULY 2020

SOLD OUT: Beauty Heroes featuring Leahlani!

Beauty Heroes is featuring Leahlani! This is a $124 value available as a one time purchase for $58.95 or you can get it as low as $37.96 with a one year subscription. This month is sold out. Check out Beauty Heroes subscription options here!

Loving this month’s Beauty Heroes!

HERO: meli GLOW, 50 ml | $52 – meli GLOW is one of my favorites. It’s a Hawaiian raw honey base exfoliator that also cleanses, clarifies, increases circulation, resurfaces, hydrates, boosts elasticity and delivers essential minerals and vitamins.

SIDEKICK: Mahina Evening Replenishing Elixir, 30 ml | $72 – The most defining characteristic of Leahlani’s face oils are their hypnotic scents. This oil delivers omegas, antioxidants, vitamin C and E as well as CoQ10 for a natural defense against sun damage.

Get on the waitlist for this discovery here!

August Boxwalla features Votary and Lovinah

The August Boxwalla theme is “The Curisous Comfort of Skincare Like Things” featuring two full size and one travel size product. This is a $240 value for $49.50.

I don’t have this box yet but here is the inside scoop from Boxwalla…

1. Lovinah Dragon Blood Cleansing Oil (full size, $55): This is a gorgeous oil cleanser that emulsifies & rinses off completely with water. It is made with a blend of antioxidant rich oils like Milk Thistle, Guava Seed Oil, Radish Seed, Lingonberry seed oil, Cloudberry Oil, Tomato seed oil (and more!) and infused with extracts like the healing Dragon’s Blood (Croton Lechleri Resin Extract), Gromwell, Lycopene. This cleansing oil also contains a stable ester of Vitamin C – Textrahexyldecyl Ascorbate which has high antioxidant activity and also inhibits lipid peroxidation, along with double encapsulated salicylic acid. This double encapsulated double encapsulation delivery of the salicylic acid, makes this very gentle (yet effective) even for sensitive skins. This cleanser leaves the skin plump, glowy & nourished. (No added essential oils).

2. Votary Super Seed Serum (full size, $118): This is a lovely peptide serum with a lotion-like texture. It contains hyaluronic acid along with antioxidant rich seed oils and both natural and bio-engineered (nature-identical) peptides which help to boost and support the skin’s microbiome. This is an emulsion type serum, very soothing & hydrating, filled with reparative, hydrating Oat kernel flour (an advanced colloidal oatmeal), Broccoli seed oil, Rosehip fruit oil, Chia seed oil, Camellia seed & Pomegranate seed oils and more! The natural peptide used is the firming & smoothing Plukentia Volubilia seed oil, Carnosine is the natural-identical bio-engineered peptide used, and is very healing and repairing with antioxidant and anti-glycation properties, working against infrared induced damages. (No added essential oils).

3) Votary Intense Night Oil – Rosehip and Retinoid (15 ml travel size, $67): This is a wonderful retinol that is extremely gentle. It uses a combination of seed oils, plant extracts along with lab-made retinoid to encourage the natural turnover of cells & reduce the breakdown of collagen, resulting in firmer, smoother skin. It contains nourishing & smoothing plant oils like Rosehip fruit oil, Tomato seed oil & Avocado oil, Acmella flower extract that is shown to firm skin, Australian sandalwood extract that addresses fine lines & reduces redness.The retinoid (Vitamin A derivative) used is Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, which stimulates collagen production & encourages the natural turnover of surface skin cells.This is a very effective oil-soluble form of retinoid which is effective yet gentle, and doesn’t cause some of the problems that are associated with retinoids (like redness, dryness or flakiness).

Sign up for the Auguest Boxwalla here!

Expired: The June Petit Vour

I love the Petit Vour box because it’s fun and you get to try a lot for a little. This is how it works: Set your profile so each box it tailored to your preferences. Every month, you’ll receive 4 products valued between $45-$60. Enjoy a mix of cruelty free makeup, hair care, body & skincare curated to match your beauty profile. This subscription is $18/month (cancel anytime) or $15/month if you pay up front for a year in full.

This month we are seeing a total value of $67, check it out…

unboxing the june petit vour

Available to order through June 31, 2020, this month we are seeing:

Akar Skin Restore Eye Serum, 3ml | $25 – An oil eye serum designed to hydrate and de-puff.

Caley Cosmetics Beachy Kiss Lip Bloss, 9g | $16 – A barley-there pink lip gloss with a little bit of sparkle. Smells like watermelon.

BKIND Nourishing Hand Balm, 50g | $16 – A hand balm that soothes, repairs and promotes tissue healing. (This does have GSE in it which I do not promote. More here).

KAIA Naturals Takesumi Detox Deodorant, 12g | $10 – A travel size deo using activated charcoal and natural fermentation to fight odor-causing bacteria.

Occasionally there will be a product in the Petit Vour box that I will not use because of ingredients. I want to take this opportunity to point out that Petit Vour is dedicated to cruelty free beauty over anything else. Most of the time this aligns with my personal clean beauty standards. Sometimes there is a discrepancy.

I will always share what I think each month here. I still believe the value here is a steal.

Try this month’s Petit Vour here!

SOLD OUT: Detox Box featuring 100% Pure!

flat-lay of the june detox box featuring 100% pure

This month we are seeing $144 worth of 100% Pure for as little as $39.95/mo with a subscription or $55 as a one-time purchase. Available now while supplies last here!

(Canadian customers will receive Graydon during the month of June).

The 100% Pure box includes:

Coffee Bean Eye Cream – 0.3 oz (LOVE!)

Bright Eyes – 5 pack (LOVE!)

Vitamin C Serum

Long Last Liquid Eye Liner – Black Tea

Ultra Lengthening Mascara – Black Tea

Try this month’s Detox Box here!

SOLD OUT: Clean Beauty Box featuring Okoko Cosmétiques

This month’s Clean Beauty Box‘s theme is “SUBLIME GLOW” featuring two products by OKOKO Cosmétiques. A $131 value for for $41.95 with a two month commitment. Grab it here!

OKOKO is a new-to-me brand that I was so excited to try. This box sold out the first day but they are working on getting more units and subscriptions are currently still open.

Founder Oyéta Kokoroko is an experienced cosmetic formulator, product designer & creator of eco-luxury cosmetics. She is a recent nominee of RBC 2020 Canadian Entrepreneur Awards and is known for her ingredient knowledge, formulation expertise, and commitment to research and development in the green beauty arena. Here’s what we are seeing this month…

L’Élixir de Pureté Clarifying + Firming Serum with Dragon’s Blood Extract | $109 – Dragon’s blood!? This is a new-to-me ingredient that just sounds like it works. Dragon’s blood extract is known for its soothing and firming properties. This serum is also fortified with niacinamide, which is known for reducing the appearance of pores. All around this oil-free serum works to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, protect against environmental stressors, sooth, plump, firm, exfoliate, even skin tone and moisturize. SOLD.

Sublime Balm Multi Purpose Beauty Balm with Tomato Seed | $22 – A whipped balm that’s charged with maximizing skin hydration, reducing the appearance of redness and fortifying the skin’s moisture barrier. This can be used as a moisturizer, night balm and eye balm; it also emulsifies in contact with water, which makes it an excellent cleanser for your morning and evening routine. Gorgeous brilliant orange in color.

Try this month’s Clean Beauty Box here!

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Do you know why Canadian customers are getting a different Detox Box this month? It appears to be sold out already as well which is odd.

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      Hi Liz! I know they made a last minute change with the brand they were offering this month. I’m sure that has something to do with it. xo, Lisa

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