Clean Beauty Subscription Roundup

May 1, 2020 (updated October 11, 2021)

These are the current offerings for the most popular clean beauty subscriptions and the ones I highly recommend. You can check back here each month on the following dates for the latest. You can also peep the archives to see what you missed!

Beauty Heroes always drops on the 1st of the month and the last day to order is the 20th of that same month.

Detox Box releases sometime the first week of each month usually the 6th or 7th and is live until it sells out.

Boxwalla is available every other month. Subscriptions open around the 1st and close on the 1st of the next month. So for example, sign up starting July 1st for the August 1st box.

Petit Vour announces their box on the 5th of each month and it’s available to order through the end of that same month. Each person gets a box tailored to their preferences…scroll down to see my latest.


  1. Beauty Heroes Discovery, which launches on the 1st of every month.
  2. Detox Box, which launches around the 6th or 7th of every month.
  3. Boxwalla, available every other month, with subscriptions opening on the 1st of each month.
  4. Petit Vour, which is announced on the 5th of every month.

You can read more about why I love each of these subscriptions here! Okay here’s the latest…

October 2021

Boxwalla:  “When Time Stood Still”

October/November’s Boxwalla is themed “When Time Stood Still” and features three full-size products from the Australian brand Lepaar. This is a $188 value for $49.95.

photo of beauty products from Boxwalla

This month’s box contains the three products in Lepaar’s newly launched ‘Kairos Moment Capsule Collection’ which complement each other, designed to work together to address a range of skin concerns and needs.

Here’s what’s inside:

Summer Wine Even Tone Antioxidant Shield, 15 ml | $62.5 – This rich oil serum is made from grapes leftover after the wine-making process with fermented fruit, leaves and seeds from three kinds of grapes. It can be used after sun exposure, for an extra glow or as a spot treatment.

Smooth Operator Unfolding Face Balsam, 15 ml | $62.5 – This wonderfully smoothing balm as an under eye intensive treatment, to thicken eyebrows diminish acne or paired with the Elastic Love face oil from Lepaar to boost collagen.

Elastic Love Firming Face & Neck Oil, 15 ml | $62.5 – This face oil smells wonderful with a combination of berries, with quince fruit extract, kangaroo flower extract, artichoke, bamboo & horsetail extracts that tone, tighten & strengthen skin. It can be used in combination with the other Lepaar products for a full skincare routine, as a neck mask and even a breast massage oil.

Get the October/November box here.

October Detox Box featuring LXMI

October Detox Box features this organic skincare brand made of the purest and rarest ingredient, at an incredible value of $144 for only $58.95 with a monthly commitment.

photo of beauty products from Detox Box

The Detox Box kicks off the colder fall season with a few nourishing picks from LXMI. The skincare brand uses the purest, unique ingredient called Nilotica Reserve — the best quality Ugandan “Nilotica” — which is a rare relative of shea. It has sky-high essential fatty acids, enhanced vitamin and nutrient potency, and a luxurious texture.

Let’s dive into what’s inside the box:

Pure Nilotica Melt, 50mL | $28 – This skin butter is perfect for the colder season deeply nourishing the thirsty skin to help smooth visible imperfections. It absorbs quickly into the skin and can be used as a face mask too!

LXMI 33 Face Oil, 30mL | $108 – Made with 33 active botanicals, it protects and hydrates the skin giving it a healthy looking glow you thrive for.

Copper Wand | $8 – This double ended copper wand adds a new level to your skincare routine. I love using it to depuff eyes or massage the jawline to relieve tension.

Get this month’s box here.

Beauty Heroes: October Discovery Featuring Joaquina Botánica

October’s Beauty Heroes features Joaquina Botánica, a tribute to the natural beauty and self-care rituals of Latin American women. This $142 value is available as a one-time purchase for $58.95 or you can get it as low as $37.96 with a one-year subscription. Check out Beauty Heroes’ subscription options here and order before October 20th to ensure your Discovery!

Orquídea + Vitamin C Hydrating Glow Oil, 1 oz. | $88 – This month’s hero product Hydrating Glow Oil features flora native to South America, oils used in traditional healing and active botanicals from around the world. Orchid extract helps with firmness and elasticity while fighting oxidation, and a proprietary complex of nutrient-dense super-fruits delivers high levels of omegas and vitamins A & E. This natural antidote to dry, dull skin, signs of aging, uneven skin tone and texture, and dark spots also features retinol-alternative bakuchiol to encourage skin regeneration and a boost of vitamin C powerfully helps to brighten the appearance of skin while also protecting. The result is a lightweight oil with a heady, faintly sweet, and buttery fragrance. 

Calendula + Peptides Hydrating Essence, 100mL | $54 – Inspired by Colombian beauty rituals that used floral infusions and native South American superfruits, this multi-tasking treatment features a blend of plant waters and active botanical ingredients that sink into the skin and smooth the appearance of lines, hydrate and actively tone the skin. Hydrating Essence is an inflammation calming combination of calendula, rose water, glycerin and hyaluronic acid boosted with vitamin C from superfruit camu camu and a unique peptide from the sacha inchi plant. The soothing mist instantly plumps to deliver firming and brightening benefits for that day-in-the-tropics dewy finish. 

Get the October Beauty Heroes here!

By Lisa Fennessy

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Do you know why Canadian customers are getting a different Detox Box this month? It appears to be sold out already as well which is odd.

    1. Reply


      Hi Liz! I know they made a last minute change with the brand they were offering this month. I’m sure that has something to do with it. xo, Lisa

  2. Reply


    Thank you for the round up. The Boxwalla box is a steal this month. I’ve been trying to decide on which Vitamin C serum to try next (I’ve seen your reviews on the Bluh Alchemy and the Lilfox Haute C), but sometimes the universe sends you a sign about which way to go. I subscribed to the Boxwalla box and I’ll be trying the new formulation of Bluh Alchemy’s C. I’m very excited.

  3. Reply


    Hey Lisa,
    This is complicated for me. I am 43 and all the products sound fabulous. Do you have one you recommend for a woman that has normal/dry skin, small pores. Loves make-up, face products and natural hair care options? I am thinking Beauty heros, but Boxwalla and Clean Beauty box all sound fabulous. But I can only do one box.

    1. Reply


      Hi Abby! Which box you sign up for has less to do with skin type and more to do with what you prioritize. For example, CBB + Boxwalla both are delivered every other month. Boxwalla routinely delivers smaller international or indie brands via their “things that must be discovered” motto. (I’ve found some absolute favorites here and the value is always through the roof). CBB is that one-size-fits-all experience that consistently delivers quality products. And Beauty Heroes arrives monthly, often with new and EXCLUSIVE launches dominating the luxury beauty space. You really can’t go wrong with any of these! You are in good hands here!

  4. Reply

    Michelle Campbell

    Hi Lisa, I’m 55 and love Indie Lee products. I have dry skin and suffer from hormonal acne. I have some large pores. Which box do you recommend for me? Thank you.

    1. Reply

      Lisa Fennessy

      Hi Michelle! This month I would recommend Boxwalla’s box featuring Votary for you. It’s gentle yet effective and a good compliment to hormonal skin IMO. Plus, I’m 100% obsessed with Votary. Let me know what you think! xo, Lisa

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