Mother’s Day Organic Gift Guide

April 13, 2018

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Every year I draft up a Mother’s Day Gift Guide and I dedicate it to, well…my husband. And this year is no different. This one’s for you babe!

So in the spirit of transparency and getting gifts we will love…..ladies! Feel free to forward this on to your boo because…#1, it’s a good one. And #2, why keep our loved ones guessing!? That just ain’t right.

So with out further ado…feast your eyes on my top pics for Mother’s Day – in nontoxic fashion ofc. xo!

Dry Farm Wines – Do you know what’s in your wine?! I didn’t either. How about 76 additives that you won’t find on the label. Sick! Dry Farm Wines delivers 6 bottles of organic, biodynamic and/or natural wines to your door. Choose from red, white or a mix. You can do every month or ever other month and believe me when I tell you, it’s the best wine I’ve ever tasted. This delivery service is BLOWING my mind and I know it will blow the mom in your family away too. She deserves this!

One Hello World – Leave a voicemail on this phone number and they will write music behind your narrative. Call it a soundtrack to your thoughts. I mean I really can’t think of anything more romantic than this! Weak in the knees status!

The Graces 100% Organic Towels – A fresh set of new organic towels can make her bathroom feel like a five-star spa! These bath towels are oversized, heavy but light enough to dry over night, plush, soft and come with a hanging loop. Face clothes, bath mats and hand towels available too. These are just like the towels I’ve used at The Ritz – no joke! Check out my full review here or buy here!

A Question Of Eagles – It’s really indescribable what a cute, handmade mug can do for the soul. Can I get a witness?!

True Botanicals Renew Skincare System – Get her the gift of luxury skincare. The Renew Line is fantastic for most skin types and will leave her feeling radiant inside and out. Get the “Start The Renew Routine” which will cover the basics. Then you can add the Resurfacing Moisture Mask and Vitamin C Booster for a holiday gift!

Woodlot Candles – A nontoxic, hand-poured candle made with coconut wax, non-GMO soy wax and scented with essential oils. And it’s far from hippy looking. In fact it’s the exact opposite. Packaged in glass with a thin gold line to accent. Super chic and smells AMAZING!

A new fragrance! For the mama who loves a strong, confident sexy musk go with Josh Rosebrook’s Ethereal. And for the mama who loves soft, pretty florals, totally go with Leahlani’s Bless. Both of these are show stoppers!

Fluid Jewelry – Fluid sources ethically + considers the impact on the environment, wearer and society, Plus their pieces are just stackably CHIC!

Nontoxic Makeup/Skincare Staples – Grab this limited edition goodie box filled with everything she will need and love to feel fresh and put-together. This Kristen Arnett + Aillea colab is a steal. I absolutely love everything that’s included here! Valued at $165 but yours for $98!

Mahabis Indoor/Outdoor Slippers – Keep the outdoors…outdoors with these luxe slippers. Slip the rubber soul on for trips to get the mail or to run out for coffee. And leave the souls behind when you come inside. A busy mom’s dream come true!

HU Kitchen Chocolate – 70% stone-ground dark organic, gluten-free, vegan, fair trade chocolate. (No dairy, no GMOs, no emulsifiers, no refined sugars, no soy, no cane sugars). Just plain HEAVEN!

100% Organic Crinkled Sleep Shirt – Sexy, practical and organic! I don’t know any mama who wouldn’t want some new pjs. It’s on the same list as undies and socks – we always need a refresh!

Ballin’! Gift ideas for players with VIP status:

Black Berry Farm – Now that I’m close to Tennessee, I’ve had my eyes on this oasis. OMG. One of the most intimate, luxe hotels for the couple who wants it all. Men go hunting fully outfitted while women bask away at the spa. Or spend the day indulging in Deep Healing Woods Yoga, Guided Trail Running, Guided Meditation or indulge in a personal training sesh. Finish up the day with bounty grown on this fully working farm. SIGN ME UP!

Hamilton – I mean, I’m not even a theater buff but I’m telling you right now, if my hubs came home with two tickets to Hamilton I would probably die from excitement like if Bradley Cooper came up and hugged me IRL. Tickets for the Atlanta show sold out in 5 mins flat. Check out the tour sched here.

What do you have your eyes on?

P.S. check out my favorite lotion and more on my fave nontoxic fragrances!

Xo, lisa

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!